COVID considerations
Friends and Family, please read our COVID page when preparing to attend our wedding. With all the changes COVID has brought to our lives, we have had to make the difficult decision of shortening our guest list for safety. Please know that we love each and every person that we originally invited and wish everyone could be there.




COVID-19 Considerations


We are encouraging all of our guests who are planning on attending the wedding to get tested for COVID-19 prior to the event. If you feel that you cannot adequately social distance for two weeks prior due to employment or for other personal reasons then we urge you to get tested. If you are unable or unwilling to get a test then we understand that you cannot attend our wedding. This is very important to us because a lot of our family is high risk. We understand this pandemic has been difficult on everyone. And we want everyone to make the best decision for themselves and their family.

Resources for COVID-19 testing

*Most of these locations offer rapid, same day results. And there are multiple locations across Richmond. You can schedule an appointment before you arrive in town. If you have difficulty finding testing, we are happy to help.

Precautions at the Wedding

Our ceremony will be outside with our reception space a combination of outside and inside space. We will be encouraging all of our guests to wear masks when away from your table or mingling at the event. All of the staff will be required to wear masks. Extras will be provided for those who do not bring one. All guests will have their temperature checked prior to entering and will receive a welcome kit with mask, hand sanitizer etc. Guests will also receive colored wrist bands to express their comfort level with social interaction. Red meaning keeping your distance, yellow meaning OK with 6 feet apart, green meaning hugs and high 5's acceptable. Event staff will be stationed at the reception space doors to reduce contact on the handles. Food will be served by the catering staff only. And guests will be seated at tables with family members or friends they regularly socialize with. There is amply outdoor space for social distancing, and the reception space is very large to set tables far apart. If you have any questions about the precautions we are putting in place, please let us know. We look forward to celebrating with you safely!